Laughter Yoga – yes there is such a thing!

Why, as a woman, do I laugh at misogynistic jokes? | Comedy | The Guardian

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I recently researched laughter yoga and my findings were fascinating. Many people all over the world are engaging in taking the time to simply laugh. 

Find humor in even the most bleak situation anywhere. It seems callous to think that you could  laugh in a bad situation, but laughter can be a great tension reliever. Have you ever witnessed a funny eulogy? when everyone laughs even though it is a sad occasion and welcomes the break?

We have  heard the term, laughter is the best medicine.   Laughter releases tension, releases endorphins that make us happy and also brings down our blood pressure which contributes to an overall feeling of wellness. Did you know the world has laughter clubs? check it out

Other ways to cultivate humor alone is to watch a funny movie, call a friend you know is funny for a chat,  hang out with funny friends, read a joke book look up funny animal videos online, go for a comedy show, or sign up for tik tok – an app which has endless hours of humor. 

Search and find your fun and do it often. Even if at first you are reluctant to do it, you will find that once you get into the activity you can cultivate humor anytime. Not many people say that laughter is a wellness tool, but I  swear by it for my life. Covid 19 and the recent elections have us Americans feeling bleak and discouraged. Now is a great time to find an online tool to make us smile. Check out this laughter yoga guru who I enjoy very much. As silly as it may feel when you start out – you will eventually cultivate the practice. Good luck – ha ha ha!

Real Neat Blog Award Nomination



I have never been nominated for a blog award, so it was with great excitement that I received a nomination from

I am always in awe of her writings and feel humbled to be nominated by her.Please check her out, her insights,  travels and know how is unparalleled.

meditatingmummy’s questions were:

  1. Do you prefer to blog at home, a coffee shop/ library or from your office? – I really love posting from my office space.When I sit at my work station, the ideas keep flowing and my mind automatically puts me in the right frame of mind to think. You see, If I were outside I would be far too distracted by what is going on around me.
  2. Who inspires you to be better? My best friend and my children inspire me to be a better person. They make me want to be my best self at all times and I am conscious of never disappointing them. 
  3. Would you rather party in Mikonos or explore Machu Pichu? Those who know me well, know I am not a climber of steps!! So definitely Mykonos for me, surrounded by Azure warm waters, Good food and wine,  Bouzouki music in the distance, what could be better?
  4. If you could go back in time and meet a person or change an event, who/what would it be and why? There are many who I would like to meet, but one stands out, and that would be Judas. When Jesus had been so kind to him, why did he betray him? and, if he didn’t betray him and had not given  the whereabouts of Jesus on that fateful  night, would the outcome have been any different? We would have not had a Crucifixion? The entire history of Christianity changed forever.
  5. If you could paint the world in a color palette would you pick the colors of Spring or Fall? Hmm, Interesting question, I associate new life and new beginnings with Spring, so I would definitely paint the world with fresh new colors. The new buds of Cherry Blossom, light Green sprigs on trees, the colorful hues of spring bulbs and Hyacinths that pop up everywhere, Purple, Yellow, the different colors of Tulips, and yes the bright blue skies! 
  6. What is the last book you read? did it teach you any lessons? The last book I read was Hoda Kotbe’s, I really needed this today. It makes me laugh  and think and tells me that I am not the only one with my struggles and if one day is bad, the next day will certainly be better.

I Really Needed This Today: Words to Live By - Kindle edition by ...

7.What does the phrase ‘ be kind to yourself’ mean to you? All too often we are kind to others, but very hard on ourselves. The biggest act of kindness we can give ourselves is to never be guilty for taking time for ourselves. Nurturing us,  makes us better human beings to all those around .Forgiving ourselves of our mistakes  is another kindness we can offer ourselves. Knowing that is is OK to have  blemishes and knowing that we can press reset at any time is an act of kindness.

Blogs I nominate are:

Questions for my nominees:

  1. What makes you tick?

  2. What is the food that brings you comfort?

  3. Would you pick a trip around the world alone or a memorable  date with your family.

  4. What was the last book you read that you didn’t ever  want the story  to end?

  5. What  did you find out about yourself during quarantine?

  6. If you got to change three things in the world what would it be?

  7. If you got the chance to sit for one Renaissance painter, who would it be and why?

Rules for the Real Neat Blog Award:

  • Display the Award Logo.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  • Answer the seven questions of the one who nominated you.
  • Nominate bloggers to receive the award and tag/pingback to their blogs.
  • Ask them seven new questions.

Black Lives Matter

BlackLivesMatter Chapter 2: The US media takes to twitter in ...

In the last two weeks, I have been learning and educating myself about the racial divide that exists all over the world, but has really taken center stage in America. I was very ignorant and I will admit was one of the people saying

” All Lives Matter”

I am now ashamed I was not more informed  and ignorant about the issues Black  people face. Being brown, I also could fall into the Black category, but have never faced systemic racism that African Americans have to suffer at the hands of government or justice systems or neighborhoods.The system has been set up for them to fail.

Google: What is Redlining

Yes my family have faced racial remarks, my accent being mocked at and “jokes” about illegal immigrates or the famous question, ” How come your English is so good?” But this is nothing compared to what Black lives face.

Black Lives Matter was founded by three women who popularized the slogan during protests over the 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin, an African-American teen who was shot by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder and manslaughter.The Black Lives Matter movement began with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on social media, and grew into a nationwide movement in response to the use of excessive force by police, particularly against black men.

#Alllives matter has now come to be associated with people who oppose the BLM movement, downplaying racism and devaluing Black lives. We cannot trivialize what is happening to them. According to a 2015 study, 7.2 African Americans per million died at the hands of the police – while 2.9 per million white Americans were killed by the police. Black people in America are also disproportionately likely to be incarcerated and suffer police brutality. Black people also find it harder to get loans, secure great jobs and climb the corporate ladder

Take a look at this Stanford Graduate School of Business study which is an eye opener for sure and shows diversity( or lack thereof) in American Fortune 500 companies.

and if you are still not sure about what to think of believe , this powerful Netflix documentary will educate you.

13th (film) - Wikipedia

Here is what you can do:

Take responsibility for educating yourself and having difficult conversations about racism, keep listening and learning

Protest – peaceful protest does bring about  change and we have seen reforms come in the last few weeks after the killing of George Floyd. Companies are reevaluating hiring processes and looking into salary inequality.

Use your white  privilege the right way

Sign a petition

Watch stream to donate videos

Vote for government that believes and supports racial equality

Above all else, be kind, empathetic  and love every human.




Click to access fortune-100-c-suite-organizational-charts-feb-2020.pdf

Click to access fortune-100-c-suite-organizational-charts-feb-2020.pdf



Never Break Up With Your Bacteria

Gut health is so important. Bad gut bacteria in our guts is caused ...

In a world where we are hypersensitive to disinfecting ourselves and everything,  it is ultra important to know that there are some bacteria that is good and we should never break up with them.

Treat your gut  bacteria like a lover, a lifelong partner who you cannot live without.

As bad bacteria exists so does the good guys, the guys who work hard each day to keep us healthy. Our guts act as a microbiome of millions of the good guys, such as BacteroidesClostridiumFusobacteriumEubacteriumRuminococcusPeptococcusPeptostreptococcus and Bifidobacterium , Escherichia  Lactobacillus,  and they work to  keep us healthy. 

When the balance is off and bad bacteria  takes over we are susceptible to infections. Yeast growths, autoimmune problems, digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn or bloating. Sleep issues, skin rashes and allergies ,unexplained fatigue or sluggishness and mood disorders, such as depression or anxiety.

It is now considered that good gut bacteria is important to keep us in optimum health. Our nervous system, gastric systems and immune systems needs to be ready for battle.

We destroy our good bacteria daily  when we take too much antibiotics, eat too much refined or processed foods , overuse mouthwash which destroys the microbiome, overuse antibacterial soaps or hand lotions, take over the counter medications, such as laxatives, antacids, painkillers,  aspirin, drink chlorinated water (chlorine kills bacteria) and  eat meat products that contain antibiotics

So  how can we nurture our bacteria and love them? 

Make sure that everyday you replenish your  good bacteria and take things  such as yogurt, pre and probiotic supplements, kombucha, kimchie, fermented foods like Sauerkraut , fresh vegetables and fruits, plenty of fiber and water.

Make sure you give plenty of new friends to your existing good bacteria, to live a healthy life.

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Travel Unravel – Athens , Greece

When travel begins again after the Pandemic and Athens Greece was on your bucket list, here is a rough  planning guide. Ten days is  more than enough to pack a lot of activities in Athens.

Day 1 – Travel Day 

Day 2 – Admit it, you are there mainly to see the Acropolis, so begin your trip with a walking tour of Athens which is a very walk-able city, no hills, streets lined with trees and cute cafe’s whenever you want a break. In one day you could complete all the major sights such as Parthenon, Temple of Dionysus, Temple of Zeus, Ancient Agora.

The  ticket which is  Euro 30 will give you access to all these sights which is a great bargain and the ticket is valid for 5 days. Take plenty of pictures , these wonders will amaze you and the sheer size of those columns will make you feel insignificant.

Day 3 – Cape Sounion  and Temple of Poseidon . A trip to Poseidon’s temple is a must, this sight is usually less crowded than the Parthenon. A local and reputable rental car can be obtained for the day and the drive is scenic with manageable traffic . It is 46 Km from Athens and you will get there in little over an hour. But stopping along the way is fun too. Ritzy beach resorts can be found in Varkiza and Glyfada. 

After spending a day on the beach and having a fresh seafood lunch , head around sunset to the temple of Poseidon for unforgettable sunset views. The ticket for this site is Euro 8 

If scheduling and planning do not allow you to take a trip to the islands of Mykonos , Santorini, Naxos, Paros, Crete and Corfu, then Hydra is a great option, it  is an hour ferry ride from Athens and has a small flavor of the big islands. The choices are endless and marvelous. 

Day 4 – Hydra – Purchase a ferry ticket in advance and enjoy two glorious days in Hydra. A stunning little island full of crystal waters, fresh seafood, happy people and quiet nooks. Little alleyways and old flower lined streets will bring back your peace.

Day 5 – While in Hydra , make it a point to visit the Bastions, Rafalias iconic  pharmacy building, take a boat to the many secluded beaches ,enjoy fresh seafood meals by the water and stunning sunsets.Hydra is an automobile free island, you will use a donkey or boat to get around.

Day 6 – Make it a day of relaxation to casually stroll through different areas  of Athens, such as Plaka and Anafiotika – whitewashed houses set amid the hills. Have a Gyro in Monistaraki square.Visit the stunning Metropolitan cathedral of Athens.

Psirri area comes alive at night with traditional music, dancing , colorful restaurants, street art , slightly shady alleyways  and hidden garden eateries serving sublime foods and strong Ouzo.

Day 7 -Organizing a tour to Epidaurus, Mycenae, Nafplion and Corinth is easy and well worth the money. It is a full day excursion taking you to other parts of Greece where more history and beauty abound. Either book through or though your host/hotel.

Day 8 – Explore the city more at leisure or take a cable car  to Lycabetus Hill for fantastic views of the city. Get some shopping done.

Day 9 –  Acropolis Museum: Take your time to enjoy this beautifully laid out museum, featuring artifacts found in the Acropolis. Do not miss the archaeological excavation sites beneath the museum. Say goodbye to this bustling and historic city with a memorable meal at dinner in the sky.

Day 10 – Travel back home. 

Other trips to think of:

Meteora –  3 day excursion 


And of course the big islands

Helpful Links

Walking Tours of Athens: Self-Guided

What to buy: Leather goods, sandals, Byzantine Greek gold  jewelry, coffee, olive oil, nuts, evil eye bracelets and paraphernalia, honey , Ouzo alcohol, pickled goods, dried fruit, dried herbs, worry beads, Greek orthodox religious goods.

What to eat:  Spanakopita, Baklava, Dolmades ( stuffed grape leaves) Galaktoboureko – a sweet crispy pastry with custard layers, Greek coffee, fresh yogurt and honey, meatballs (Keftedes), Gyros, Greek salad , Loukoumades( fried door balls in syrup) Saganaki( fried cheese) Revani (nutty cake in syrup), Moussaka ( meat, bechamel sauce and vegetables layered and baked) Souvlaki, Tzatziki, fried smelt, grilled Octopus, Calamari fried, Orzo dishes, slow cooked lamb dishes and to drink, Mastika, Ouzo and Retsina 






140 Top Pet Peeves That Drive You Crazy


Disgusted Face Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock


Now that almost all the world is in some  form of quarantine, with other humans in close proximity and unable to escape, pet peeves are making a familiar comeback.

I have taken my own survey  and compiled a list of top pet peeves. Maybe your blood pressure will rise as you go down the list. I have highlighted my top pet peeves in Orange . Let me know some of your favorites.

Personal Habits

Chewing noises or chewing with mouth open -interestingly this seems to be  the # 1 Pet Peeve 

Not washing hands after using the bathroom

Nail biting

Bad drivers

Cutting the line

Personal grooming in public

Yawning in public with mouth open 

Unprotected sneezes/ coughs ( especially now!)

Bad table manners and using the wrong cutlery 

Burping while eating

Tapping noise  on phones or desks with fake nails / long nails 


On the Road 

Slow drivers in the passing lane 

Slow walkers in pedestrian traffic


People who have massive vehicles and cannot see when they are backing out 

Not using signal lights

Road rage 

Passengers who put up their bare feet on the dashboard

Drivers who put makeup while driving

People who cannot park properly or take two parking spots

People who do not put the grocery carts away in the proper place

People playing boomboxes in public transport /areas


General Human Behavior 

Never closing cupboard doors

Bad service at a restaurant

Rudeness for no reason

Eager beavers

Poor grammar use 

Screaming children and temper tantrums

Children who cannot self entertain

Unsolicited advice


Unmade beds

When people say “ew” to food,

Ignorance of culture ,ethnicity or geography – If you don’t  know, either educate yourself or be quiet

People who invade personal space, close talkers

Lack of manners and politeness ( does not say please and thank you )

Clapping at the end of a movie, in the  theater. The production crew is never there to hear it so,  why ? 

Clapping when a pilot lands a plane – I laugh because it is so random, either we do it every time or not at all. A pilot should not be clapped for landing a plane , that is his/her job and the pilot never hears it anyway . Instead we could say “thank you” to the pilot or “great job” as we exit the plane. When was the last time someone clapped for you at work because you did your job? ( except performers, essential workers at times of stress and pilots of course!)

Food wastage

Habitual money (or other)  borrowers who never return it ( even if it is small amount it is the principal)  

People who publicly correct grammar

Dog owners not cleaning up after their pets


People who fully recline their seats in an airplane  and do not closing the windows when there is glare

When pet owners use a dog or cat voice to speak to their pets

Vaping and cigarette smoking in public 

People who stand on the left side of  an escalator

People who drink or eat directly from a fresh carton of food in the home

Poor customer service


Poor tippers

Conversation interrupters

Neighbors not tending to their fall leaves

Openly religious people who act poorly in their own lives

Overzealous vegans who show videos and talk about animal cruelty at the table

People who assume you are on your period because you are moody

People who know it all 

Bus seat hoggers who keep their bags on empty seats 

People who stick their gum under seats 

People who do not hold the door

People who have no respect for another persons religion or culture

Racial  comments

Undecided people  at the busy fast food outlet, ordering counter 


Friends who constantly get drunk to the point they slur their speech and become more of a nuisance rather than fun

People who are constantly high on drugs

Men who look for things and can never find it even though it’s right in their view.

Chip eaters, package rustlers  and talkers at the movies

Leg Shaker’s  ( those who do not have a physical condition)

People who dog ear library books

People who complain that they are too busy to keep in touch


Electronics and Electronic use / Social Media 

People who put their tongue out or make duck faces for photos 

When people hit reply all  when it is not necessary. 

People who say “this is she” when someone on the phone asks for them, a simple “yes”or “speaking” would do.

Slow WiFi or worse – no WiFi

People who keeps changing TV channels 

People who Google everything to prove a point or research a topic mid conversation

Cell phone distraction while in a conversation 

Ads on the internet that cannot be skipped

Over posting of holier than thou quotes all the time

Chain emails

Cell phones ringing during a Broadway show  or play

Attention seekers  starting  a post with “I am so mad” then leaves you hanging so everyone will ask “why?” or makes a post in code that you have to figure out.

Formal social media departure announcements – just leave 


Very Annoying / useless figures of speech and words

“I am sorry you feel that way but”  – are you really sorry?

Using buddy, hon, man, sweety,  when they do not know your name

“No offense” – then someone says  “none taken” (eye roll) and whatever follows is usually offensive 

“I don’t mean to be rude (or mean) but”…. and proceeds to say something rude or mean  

“Understand?” “get it?” 

“Just kidding” – you are actually not kidding


“Not for nothing” – I still do not know what this means

“What can I do YOU for?” the original version of “what can I do FOR you?” is not good enough?

“In my humble opinion” – there is no such thing as a humble opinion, it’s just an opinion and this sounds very condescending.

“Touch base”  – what base? whose base? what’s the base? you are not touching any of my bases!

“Just reaching out” – obviously you are, why state it? 

“Quick question” – it’s a question and usually it’s never quick.

“No rush” – there  is always a rush

“Confidentially speaking” 


“Like” – when you use this word 3 times in a sentence

“So on and so forth” – this means you usually have nothing more to come up with, no more facts


“No pressure” – really?  immediately, I begin to feel pressure 

When people make a noise while they  wait for the computer to refresh or a search to come up  such as: “bub, bub, bub,”  “tu, tu, tu” 

Saying something rude then following it up with LOL – because LOL makes everything OK

“Needless to say” – then do not say it! 


“Per se” – almost always used in the wrong context

“To die for” – nothing on  this earth is worth dying for 


Relationships/ Roommate

Silent treatment 

Passive aggressive behavior

“I  am fine” – then have a attitude all day 

Walking away during a argument

Hanging up a phone during an argument



Leaving the toilet seat up

Room mate addicted to the snooze button

“I am not mad”, but their behavior suggests otherwise

Not listening in the first instance and then later admit you never said it 

Being woken up from a nap for no good reason

Not sharing passwords


At Work 


Work complainers 

Many pens in the pen jar and none which are working

Leaving the lid of photocopiers open

Files that are not alphabetized

Rude e mails which have no beginning or end

Eating  foods like egg salad or tuna salad, anchovies, in a small office environment

Leaving your foods to spoil in the common refrigerator

Not cleaning the microwave or single serve coffee pod  after use 

Desks in a mess when leaving at the end of the day

Long meetings that are unproductive and take away from actual work

Taking food that is not yours from the common fridge 

Not responding to emails, leaving the sender wondering if you received it at all and then  need to send a follow up email.


Miscellaneous Peeves 

Single socks 

Storage containers that never have matching lids

Forgotten face tissues in the wash

Running out of toilet paper and realizing too late


Quarantine Lesson: Flattening the Curve for a Healthier You.

Flatten Curve Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Most people in the world in 2020, who have access to print or electronic news will know phrases like,  social distancing, flatten the curve, and self-quarantine, because of this pandemic: COVID-19.

I myself have been in my home for the past month going nowhere except for groceries every two weeks.

A key part of quarantine within this pandemic is the incubation period of two weeks. What you do today, affects what happens to you in 14 days time. I found myself thinking that this is a valuable lesson to learn. I am a big proponent of “prevention is better than cure.” I am cautious by nature and a planner, so this theory works well for me; however, what if you are a “let’s get to the problem and then figure it out kind of person?” Or are one of those people that can handle immense stress and challenges with ease? (lucky you!)

I think that in life too, what we do today affects what happens to us in the future. Let’s try and flatten our personal curves of bad habits, superstitions, phobias, anxiety, paranoia , runaway thoughts, racial or sexual bias, and negative behaviors? these are all the viruses that attack our lives and destroy us. We let them attack us at some point. No one is exempt from them.

Practice now to help yourself with caring for relationships that matter, mental health, anger, fear, anxiety, medical, physical and psyche. If something is not making you the best person you can be, identify the virus that is destroying you from within and quarantine it!

Do It Now Note Reminder Post - Free image on Pixabay

Just like the quarantine we are in, it is not easy, it is not pretty, and it will be challenging to break what we have come to know as our normal selves even blaming life events or others for how we have become. But if one thing the quarantine has shown us humans, is that we can adapt and change easily, we are resourceful and resilient.  Why not do it in our personal lives too?

Now is as good a time as any, as we have been forced to stop our crazy schedules, and have more time on our hands (if we are not essential services).

Time and Perseverance will be your greatest tool.

You will see that after this period of self reflection and care, that you too will flatten the curve of your life for the future, and that, can be a very good thing.  Or, later in life  you may wonder why your life is in disarray. You will not feel good about yourself and your relationships will be  in shambles.

I myself with you, dear reader, will challenge myself to  flatten the curve of my own life to be the healthiest person inside and outside that I can be.



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Love holds the key to everything

The word LOVE  conjures up so many emotions. Love makes the world go around as they say , love is the catalyst for all things good and evil . Love is  mentioned in the Bible, in the Quoran, in books, movies , poems and yes even in politics!

Love is that  indescribable emotion that makes us do everything isn’t it?

Love Yourself – loving yourself will pretty much fix all life’s problems. If you base all your relationship and life decisions based on loving yourself, as selfish as that may sound ,then, all will be well. Family love, parental , spousal and child love all sprout from self love. It sounds so simple,  but  sometimes hard to achieve.

 Write down all the things that you love about yourself , now write down all the things you deserve (within reason!) and write down how you will achieve those goals, be it personal or professioal. At the end of that exercise will be a snapshot of how much you should  love yourself and how hard you are willing to sacrifice things for the betterment of yourself.

Love your education and career – choosing your education path and  career on what you love doing best,  is a sure winner everytime. When you love doing something ,you will excel at it. Every career in the end, is service oriented and doing something for someone , and service to others will bring you happiness, purpose and peace.

Love God – When you love God (any God) and aspire to be a good human, you will automatically win at life. Loving God will bring you peace, will make you aspire to do good deeds and operate from a place of always wanting to do the right thing in God’s eyes, because you love a God and give it up to a higher power. Loving God, will also encourage prayer and meditation in times of duress which  is always positive.

So dear reader,  is love overrated? Let me know.


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When All The World Is Going To Hell

So , did we ever think the whole world collectively will come to a situation such as we are in right now?
COVID – 19 has crippled the world, now reaching almost every major populated country and it’s a matter of time before every country has a case. At some point  we all expecetd world war 3 , but no one expected this.
So how do we handle it? or rather how am i handling it? Here are a few thoughts on what I am doing.
  1. Staying calm – even though I have a loved one who is unable to return home.
  2. Being educated – watching  multiple sources of local and international news
  3. Tracking the  progression of the disease  (
  4. Checking  in on an elderly neighbor, making sure  sure she has  supplies
  5. Following the guidelines  of my local government
  6. Did not go out and hoard food or supplies other than what is necessary for 2 weeks
  7. Rationing food and having a meal plan for the next two weeks so there is no mindless bored eating
  8. Staying within my residence and property and only hiking in open spaces
  9. Keeping my home wiped down and clean, antibacterial spraying door handles that lead to the outside world, mopping entryways frequently
  10. Washing hands when I do not need to
  11. Not attending gatherings/ not encouraging visitors
  12. Not staying in my pajamas all day
  13. Maintaining a work schedule for the day and having goals of completing  projects I have been wanting to do ( nothing has been done yet!)
  14. Catching up on  movies
  15. Communicating with friends regularly on social media and engaging with humans via electronics/ telephone
  16. Getting a good  night’s sleep
  17. Realizing that the whole world is in this together and the effort must be universal
  18. Keeping a sense of humor
  19. Sending prayers and good thoughts to health care workers on the frontlines
  20. Above all else praying daily that we will overcome this disaster and learn valuable lessons from it while keeping my faith alive.

Be safe dear readers !