Can You Fight Genes? The Answer is Yes

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I always thought we cannot fight our own genes. There are a few genes I would like to fight off in my own self , and certainly some genes I would like my spouse to get rid off.

We now know that you do not have to be a victim of your DNA or genetic makeup.

The mind , meditation and a mode of constant self-awareness can get rid of that annoying behavior  or health risk that you have, which came from a parent.

No longer can you use the excuse that because your entire family had diabetes or your parents were overweight that you are the same , diabetes is totally reversible as is obesity. I am not a scientist , and the following article was very helpful in teaching me about this topic which was fascinating. It certainly gives us hope to change things  around for ourselves , IF we have a willingness to make changes.


Image – By: Nogas 1974 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons.



Not since Beatrix Potter and F. Stocks May has someone captured my heart with beautiful illustrations as that of Chris Dunn – illustrator extraordinaire. Chris has intricate details and stories  woven in his images, each brush stroke capturing perfectly ,the essence of mouse and details of woodland and country  life, thrilling anglophiles all over the world with his particular style of work. 

Chris has just completed his illustrations in a wonderful new book, PAISLEY RABBIT and the TREEHOUSE CONTEST- A  tale with positive messages and a happy ending that kids ( and adults) will enjoy reading many times over.

Chris is  a freelance illustrator and fine artist living  and working in  Calne, Wiltshire, UK. Specialising in book illustrations , fine art, including commissions.. Chris is a very accommodating artist and is happy to respond to e mails and Facebook messages and takes the time to communicate with his fans from all over the world.

Buy the book !

Here are some of his other illustrations, which is a feast for the eyes, each one of them making my soul happy.

Supper Arrives

A wise old owl 

Bedtime story

It’s raining It’s Pouring ( from the nursery rhyme)

Knitting Circle 


“No more cars toad”

Toad the traffic queller

Barge Woman from wind in the willows

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Warming Up 




What should be the most important thing in the world to you?


Each person will have their own answers to this question in varying forms. For some people , it will be their parents, or children or family, for others it will be a good education and a great career, and for most of us it will be good physical and mental health. there are others who want material things, big houses, fast cars , jewelry,designer clothes.Whatever it may be that is important, the   question can be answered very simply

the most important thing to you in this world should be YOURSELF!

Selfish? you might ask.

You will have an all-round better life if you focus on getting yourself right in the following areas:






It all begins and ends with you , if you take care of every part of YOU  your entire world will be good. Good health will follow, relationships will grow and material things will flourish.

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4 Ingredients to a Natural Cleaner





I am so sceptical about using all the many chemicals and cleaners in the stores. They may  work well but almost always will emit chemical smells and contaminate your lungs while being harmful to the environment.Cleaners are expensive and highly toxic . Bleach is never good for the septic/sewer system either. A year ago I tried to go natural with my cleaner and have not looked back since. It is simple to put together and smells pleasant while doing a fabulous job on any surface – Yes even wood!

I make a batch and keep in a spray bottle and this is the only cleaner I use  for everything. The only surface it will not do the job on is mirrors because the lemon oil is present. For Windows and mirrors just use a mixture of vinegar and  water.

Clean out an old spray bottle (24-32 oz.)  well.

Add 3 tablespoons vinegar

4 squirts of Lemon oil

1 tablespoon natural dish liquid soap ( no chemicals)

 Fill the rest of the spray bottle with distilled or filtered water.

Use as you please!