Stop Being “Nice” and Do This Instead

This week’s House Call is really a personal confession!  I’ve long struggled with being a “nice-a-holic,” which in a backward kind of way is actually a form of lying – kind of like when your mouth says yes and your heart says no.  “What does this have to do with being healthier, Dr. Hyman?” you …

Source: Stop Being “Nice” and Do This Instead


Does hating make you feel better?



With the latest terror attacks in France and on a small-scale California we know that terrorism has now infiltrated the world. In California, the killings were senseless, by a government worker who by all accounts was a good co-worker and a regular young and talented guy.It makes you mad when you think those parents left their young child with grandparents and planned a killing spree at a Christmas party.Certain politicians are openly encouraging us to discriminate and hate.

Muslims all over the world have faced backlash and innocent families now are targeted and harassed by ignorant people they come into contact with.It is easy to blame someone when we are upset by senseless killings and planned attacks.But not every Middle Easterner or Muslim  is a radicalized terrorist and this we must keep in mind.

By continuing the hate we will not become a better world.

But how do we trust when acts of terrorism  are happening so frequently in our smaller communities. Are we to be suspicious and scared of our neighbors wondering who is pledging allegiance to terrorist groups via the internet and who is being radicalized? Fear can make us behave in ugly ways.

My theory is simple, think the best of people until they prove you wrong

Hatred and racism is not going to help us to become a better world. The world has changed, and we must change for the better with it.

One human must not  be judged by what another human does.

tell me what you think.