Stop and Restart, a Lesson From Adele

What courage it took for multi Grammy winning songstress Adele to stop mid song  on a live performance at the Grammy’s and say – it’s not right I have to start again ! While millions of viewers around the world watched, she did just that.

Here is a lesson for all of us , we may not be singing at the Grammy’s , but how often do we continue with things even when we know it’s not right. I know I usually tell myself the show must go on , onward and upward( my favorite phrase!) . But sometimes I think it’s better to stop , take a breath, think and restart.

Adele got more respect from the world and her peers, however embarrassing it was for her.You will always get more respect for admitting a mistake and starting again and it takes more courage.  

here are a few instances that we can stop and restart. 

A new recipe you are making and it’s not going right ….. Stop and Restart 

A conversation with a friend which is not going well …. Stop and Restart

Your family has aggravated you and you scream at them …..Stop and Restart

You are on a tight deadline and the job you are doing is not quite up to your standard … Stop and Restart

You make a mistake at work or just in life  … Stop and Restart 

You nervously make an awkward comment at a party … Stop and Restart

You are on a date and you are saying all the wrong things …Stop and Restart

You are having a frustrating day and you are taking it out on those around you …Stop and Restart

Tell me dear reader, if you ever had the courage to do this and how it helped you.



John Owen Jones Sings Rise Like a Phoenix

This week, i am obsessing over Broadway star John Owen Jones  and his fairly new CD which covers a  popular song Rise Like a Phoenix by Ali Zuckowski.

John is the longest running Phantom , from Phantom of the Opera and has been the male lead  Jean Valjean in Les Miserables for many years in England and New York.

Lea Salonga singing Via Dolorosa

This week i am obsessing about Broadway star Lea Salonga. As Easter approaches, her rendition of Via Dolorosa, backed by the West Point Cadet Choir,  is touching and powerful.

Happy Easter and be blessed !







Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole – 02/06/1950 – 12/31/15

Daughter of Nat King Cole, she brought us many songs to remember. The media have hardly mentioned her passing .There is no 24 hour coverage like Whitney Houston. But nevertheless she stirred our hearts with her velvety voice . Winner of 9 Grammy’s, she was most famous for the song unforgettable

But this was my favorite song of her’s.

Sing in heaven  Natalie , your music lives on.


Celine Dion Touching hearts at the American Music Awards –

A Tribute to the victims of the Paris Attacks in France. We will not forget.

Celine Dion brings people to tears with her voice and her version of an Edith Piaf Song , with the Paris attacks fresh in our minds it was a moment of reflection about a horrible thing that happened to a beautiful country.


Adele is back with another haunting song.


Sam Smith and John Legend sing for Red Nose Day


British sensation Sam Smith with a voice like butter and multi talented John Legend both Grammy winners come together to lend their voices to raise funds for Red Nose Day in Britain and America ( May 21st NBC 8 pm)

The Duet features Sam Smith’s song, Lay me Down.A powerful ballad that showcases these two amazing voices and John’s mesmerizing piano playing.I love watching this video many times over to see these two sing and also see the beautiful smiles of those underprivileged kids around the world.

Red Nose Day brings artists together to raise funds for 12 trusted charities all focused on children and young people in poverty in the US and in the poorest communities in the world.

Download the music to help and for more information click here