Make No Resolutions





Happy New Year dear readers!

It is back to work, back to school and another new year unfolds. I make no resolutions this year. I do not want that kind of pressure for myself. Last year I was resolute about learning Spanish, taking a graphics design course and furthering my hobby of singing

Other than for loosing a few pounds and getting in better shape health wise, I achieved none of the above and ended up feeling like a loser for lack of a better word!

No matter how your new year starts, any day  is a good day to make a resolution about something positive.

Make each day bring you a new resolution.

I will not eat those cookies at work, I will not drive fast, I will try to stay off my phone, I will take deep breaths and relax and so on.

Even if you break it one day you have the chance to begin the next day.

The first day of the new year I ended up screaming at the  kids for being late for school and eating breakfast in the car……tomorrow I shall be nicer to them!

It is easier on a day to day basis to keep a resolution.

No matter what is important to you, the following can always be your guide.

Eat better, move more, take care of yourself first

Be kind and generous to others (including your family!)

Have a good attitude no matter what the situation

Laugh often and at yourself


Work hard

Have more tolerance

Spend more time with your family and sincere friends

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November Christmas

My brain is confused, I went out Black Friday shopping and all I could see and hear around me was Christmas decorations and Chrismas music, even the local radio station switched to all Christmas music over and over and over again!

I almost wished the shop keepers Merry Christmas!

I Understand we are still not out of the woods financially as a country and businesses need to make their targets, but i am so annoyed that every year Chrismas comes too early into our lives . Can we please get over Thanksgiving first and not rush into Christmas? I feel very Grinchy all of a sudden. What do you think dear reader?Anyone agree with me ?


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John Owen Jones Sings Rise Like a Phoenix

This week, i am obsessing over Broadway star John Owen Jones  and his fairly new CD which covers a  popular song Rise Like a Phoenix by Ali Zuckowski.

John is the longest running Phantom , from Phantom of the Opera and has been the male lead  Jean Valjean in Les Miserables for many years in England and New York.