I have a dimple on my chin, it only appears when i smile. I have decided to go through life with a smile no matter what comes my way. My philosophy for life is simple.Live your life through all five senses.

See all you can see, hear all you can hear, smell all you can smell, taste all you can taste and touch all you can touch.

SEE – Travel, open your eyes to new things new cultures and ideas that may not agree with your own. See  God in everything you try to do.Go.

HEAR – Listen to those around you ,hear what they are actually saying. Listen to  sounds and birds and the voices of children.Think.Laugh.Sing.

SMELL- Smell new things, create pleasant aromas around you

TASTE- Taste new foods, taste new culture, love good food.Eat.

TOUCH – Touch as many lives as you can while on earth. Hug openly and warmly.The power of touch changes lives.

Challenge yourself to be a better you.

I love to laugh, eat ,help others and try to see the best in every day.

I hope you enjoy my blog and i would love to see your comments.


photo 2 photo 1 (1)

can you spot the dimple?


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there..

    You wrote to me about the Pani Kadju recipe. I have family visiting right now, but in a couple of weeks when they are gone, I will research and try to come up with a recipe that works out well.. 😀 Thank you for following my blog.


    1. Enjoy the family ! hope they will make some goodies for you too! about the Pani cadju – sounds good – Cannot wait!I just came back from a visit to Canada and bought some in a store that was made in SL – it was so good but i am sure we can make it at home too.Thanks.


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