Top things to do in Prague

Consider beautiful Prague for your next European vacation. Easy to get to and still a very affordable destination Prague will blow your mind with its exquisite old world charm, beauty and  amazing culture with many things to see and do. Old Town  is also a Unesco World Heritage site and a must see for any traveler in his/her lifetime.

Quick facts:

Language: Czech and English

Currency:Czech Koruna or Euros are widely accepted

Population: 1.2 Million

Civilization: As early as 7th Century

More reading :

Old Town/Charles Bridge – Establishes in 12th Century , this square will  wow you with beautiful buildings and an electric atmosphere at any given moment. It is also home to the Astronomical clock dating back to the 1400’s. Charles Bridge is considered to be one of the oldest and most beautiful bridges in the world. Dating back to 1357, there are 30  statues created between 1683 to 1928 to honor numerous saints.

 Prague Castle/St Vitus Cathedral/Golden Lane 

The largest  castle complex in the world, these gothic structures are breathtaking.It is also a Unesco World Heritage site dating back to the 14th Century. Within the same complex you will find the Cathedral as well as Golden lane which is a unique mini  housing complex built for the kings horseman

TIP* – Golden lane is best seen after 5 pm when all the crowds have left. however guided tours are available during the day as well.


Josefov – Jewish Quarter – Beautiful Jewish buildings and mosaic quite different to the rest of the city 

Dancing House – whimsical building now a famous site built in 1996 and nicknames Fred and Ginger, designed by Vlado Miluni

Wenseles Square – Here is where most of historical marches and speeches were celebrated. 

Vysehrad – Gothic structure overlooking the city dating back to 10th century.

Strahov Monastery – Up on a hill, quiet and with amazing views of the whole of Prague a visit here is a must. Dotted with little restaurants and the famous Pecklo underground restaurant with the best beer produced by the monastery.

National Museum – The oldest Museum in Czech Republic , holding treasures and artifacts as early as the 5th Century.

Lenon WallIn memory of John Lennon, this wall became a site for rememberance and expression.

Drinking the best Czech Beer and tasting great food – The great food and beer will surprise you in Prague. The word Pilsner was created here and the quality of the beer is outstanding with a crisp and clear taste with minimal processing. Pilsner Urquell is the common beer brand. For food, do not leave the city without trying the varieties of goulash, dumplings, crispy duck , Potato chips on a stick , Trdelnick ( street food which is a pastry) , Kulajda ( soup), Svickova( creamy sauce and dumplings) sweet filled bread dough and the list goes on! 

Scenes from Prague






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