Checkout Charity – Feeling Unphilanthropic

I pride myself in trying to be a good person, always being aware of those who are struggling or suffering and always trying to help out and often doing so.

It is now October, and stores have already started putting out holiday decorations for sale  and very soon christmas music will start playing even before Thanksgiving (yes really!) brainwashing shoppers that the holidays must begin 2 months ahead of schedule.

Along with this holiday spirit comes philanthropy , in the way of every store now joined with a charitable organization and asking for donations with every purchase.

There are  organizations I feel very drawn to personally to donate to yearly, but am peeved that it seems at every store, even groceries now, I am being asked to donate something with every purchase.

I dread the questions and snap decision I will make out of guilt at the checkout , the long line behind me judging me when I do not wish to donate.

Do you want to give a dollar for starving children, or breast cancer or our troops – YES ! of course I want to help them all, they are all doing great work, they are all deserving, but I am not prepared to do so every time I go into a store.

My cash or  credit card is out ,so it’s easy to just say yes – I should say yes -but my mind says no after I have visited about 6 stores in a day  and been asked the same question at the checkout every time .

NO! I do not want a green shamrock with my name on it on the window!

The times I have refused politely – ” no Thanks” ” not today” “I already did last week” “maybe next time” I feel like a really horrible person.

I will donate on my own terms . I need to research an organization. How do I know this donations are going to the right place? Did you know ,some stores keep a small percentage of the donations for admin fees?

There are also so many charity scams out there, so make an educated decision, not a quick impulsive one made out of guilt.And there are smaller charities that need your donations that do not have massive store affiliations.

Do your research before you choose whom to donate to. Check out these sites to begin with.


Here is a funny way of looking at things!





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