An Embarrasing Election




Once upon a time we would all sit as a family and watch a presidential political debate , no matter which side you were on, you would marvel at the brains of two educated candidates sparring and doing a beautiful dance of words to prove a point.

Yet this year I can hardly even ask my children to watch a debate with me or follow the important democratic process. A process  which is a privilege as most countries do not have a  process such as this, where all men and women can vote freely.

Now, when I turn on the news (which was once a safe tv choice!) I hear obscene words and descriptions of sexual acts  from a presidential candidate  describing a woman’s body or hear the words on the news ~ sexual advance, groping, sexually assault, “forced himself on me”.Isn’t it sad the younger generation can no longer watch a debate or the news because it is too racy?

I understand the media has to bring us the news, but I am truly sickened by what I have to hear every day. Yes, I have the choice of turning it off , but then what?  be cut off from the news?

I am shocked and saddened that our country has become a laughing-stock to the world. This great nation of ours  is now being mocked at throughout this process. How has the election become a sexual debacle? something from a reality show! 

I wonder have we evolved into a nation full of hate ,violence,sexual frustrations, racism and intolerance? then we are not as great as a country as we profess to be.

 It’s time we have more respect for ourselves, our families our children , our country and rise above to a better standard of how we act and talk  and which politicians we elect to office.

A great example is our current president who, no matter which party he belongs to or what he has done wrong or right , he has had  great character professionally and personally and he has represented our country well around the world this past 8 years.

No country in the world  but ours, has ever had such an embarrassing election process. I am shocked that I live among so many people who  defend bad behavior.

In the end we will have to think very carefully who we want as the face of this nation, who we can send out to lead with pride and who we can respect and who will be respected by world  and religious leaders.Because no matter what anyone says, America is a leading nation for finance, policy and human rights.What happens in America affects the whole world.

Come November, I would like to vote for someone with substance, someone who speaks clearly and intelligently,  someone who does not lose their cool no matter what happens and does not act on impulse, someone who has a good character ,someone who has at least a plan to try to lead this country in the right direction and has vision  and someone who will be respected by the world.

Who that someone will be, is up to you, dear American  reader !



6 thoughts on “An Embarrasing Election

  1. It’s so apt. that I see this post right now, after it is all over and we have our president- elect. I can only hope the ugliness and the rise in hate crimes are diminished as the new administration takes over, may the discrimination that is freely expressed towards all minorities be addressed and dealt with or this battle will be the beginning of something worse.


  2. Hey San, I am sharing your feelings about this election. It’s getting worse every day. I am rattled by what is happening and the direction we are headed. What’s going on? Where are the ideas and the competition and the respect for the opponent? Come on people! This is the 21st century !


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