The Election Madness

Whichever side of the fence you are on , or even sitting on the fence we have to laugh at the current American elections. With one candidate being an egomaniac who is often unhinged and shows moments of unbridled insanity to someone who we have seen in politics for the past 2 decades  who we are not sure if we can trust .

Sometimes I wonder if presidential candidates  even care about the people or  the issues or just want the power . So when things get weird or tough or plain nasty like the mudslinging between the two candidates , constituents like me need to laugh.

Where better to find laughter than at Saturday Night Live, with actor Alec Baldwin being the new Trump he truly does a fabulous job. This is a laugh worth sharing, in this parody of the first presidential debate watched the world over.




4 thoughts on “The Election Madness

      1. I don’t know what’s more terrifying out of such a large country with a massive population these are the candidates for president or the fact that they have supporters at all.


      2. I know right? is this the best we can produce? I was born in a third world country and these kind of election are the norm there/ Looks like America is going back in time – very sad!

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