Do Not Project Your Unhappiness On Others



Last week I was feeling overwhelmed and tired , when I finally sat down to have a cup of tea and relax, a telescammer (telephone scams)  who had been hounding my  phone for days  called. I just lost it and very unlike me, I was rude to him on the phone.

Later, I realised this must have been a poor man from a third world country, just trying to make a living by being a telescammer. He was just doing a job. I had the power to control my behavior and I did not, simply because I was tired.

It is easy to feel down about  life in general .Most people are overworked tired and just keep living the same routine day after day.

To throw any good person off ,is sickness, tiredness, menopause or premenstrual discomfort, financial , marital or home problems that comes about in every persons life.It is very easy to project your unhappiness or worry on those around you ,like your close friends, spouse ,children or coworkers. However whatever it may be that is making you angry or irritable and short with those around you, is not their fault .The fault lies with you.

Yes, it is hard to self reflect sometimes as you may not like the answers you get. But there is always room to grow as a human and always forgiveness from others.

Be mindful  of your behavior, fix what is wrong in your life, and realise that others cannot do this but you yourself have to fix it.

Ask yourself a few questions

Do I feel myself?

Am I happy? 

Have I snapped at my spouse, family or coworkers because of how I feel?

Am I behaving differently?

Do the people I normally love and care about suddenly irritate me? 

Am I taking out my frustrations on people who do not deserve it.?

Try to  make yourself or your situation  right immediately your loved ones have not changed, you have !

If you cannot easily fix the life situation that is making you this way, then at the very least stop taking out your feelings on others and be mindful of being a kinder nicer YOU.

Tell me what you think.




2 thoughts on “Do Not Project Your Unhappiness On Others

  1. Great post San… I am projected onto quite often, so thank you for speaking on behalf of me, I often wonder what it is I do to people to have them be rude. I’m not. I smile. I have realized the fault lies not with me but with that particular person, although I always have a story in my head about why someone behaves badly 😉


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