Michael Phelps

Something has to be said about this man. Arguably the greatest most decorated  Olympian of all time . Having 1 Olympic medal is achievement  enough for any human , yet Michael has gone on time and time again to win , now 28 ( 23 of them Gold) medals . Coming back from depression and loosing his way in life, this man fish has shown the world that the power of the mind can achieve anything.What a great athlete and what a great life story. Finishing off on a high note , yet who knows , will he be back in 2020?

michael+phelps+medal+count         images

(rwbsportsco.com. Google Images)


2 thoughts on “Michael Phelps

  1. I’m always hopeful his time in the pool isn’t completely over. This young man speaks to a very special kind discipline, as to how he taps into that, I don’t know. I was just so excited for him.


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