Alkaline or Acidic Body ?


Some of you may know about our bodies being too alkaline or too acidic. Simply put, a too acidic body means inflammation in our bodies which gives way to disease of every form.

Our bodies need to have a ph level of 7.365 – 7.4 to perform at peak levels and to be healthy. We should all strive to maintain that perfect balance by eating the right foods. If our bodies become too acidic by the foods we eat our body starts to work overtime to try to bring that balance back and gets inflamed leading to diseases such as frequent flu, IBS, heartburn, digestive issues, excema, joint pain, asthma, hormonal imbalances, depression low  energy, low libido, MS , migraines and yes CANCER.

Your body when acidic, goes to work to maintain that balance and neglects to heal or nourish the body when it needs it from infection and disease.

When our bodies are alkaline, it can actually spend time healing itself from disease and make us feel our best.

How can we find out what our PH balance is ? A simple pharmacy urine test ph strip can tell you what your levels are , also a blood test called C Reactive Protein can tell you how much inflammation you have in your body. There is a direct link between the foods we eat and the balance in our body

I found an excellent chart online that I wish to share with you, which explains all the food groups that are acidic or alkaline. You will find a PDF of it at the bottom. Print it , hang it on your fridge , have a copy while grocery shopping and learn it well, to live a full, healthy disease free life.

(Click the link below)





Reading recommendation  for excellent information and recipes –

The soup cleanse by Angela Blatteis and Vivienne Vella



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