Happy New Yew (You)



Champagne fueled resolutions are not my thing , in fact I stay away from resolutions that tie me down and make me feel I failed 365 days later!

But  here are a few things I will strive to do more of this year.

Take deep stomach breaths every day.

Sleep well and long.

Take Vitamin D.

Go online learn some yoga poses and try to do some every day.

Hang out with people who only uplift and give you joy.

Eat well, a little less of fat, carbs and sugar and more of all things pure and good.

Let things go , wash off your back, bad relationships, bad feelings, bad memories, bad conversations.

Get rid of useless possessions not used in the past year.

Be financially responsible – go through your  bills from 2015 , see what services you use , check your  automatic payments, check your credit card bills – Is there a service you don’t use as much ? ( I realized I am paying for  phone data I do not use !) Put away at least $15 for holiday shopping for Dec 2016 – You will have $ 180 extra cash come end of the year.

Do not procrastinate or make excuses on a dream – despite what you think you can achieve anything.

Make your last thought and prayer before you go to sleep  a thought of gratitude of the day you just had.

Happy New You!


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