Put Your Own Oxygen Mask First


Do you already feel stress that the holidays are coming? Who is visiting? What shall I cook? When shall I shop? are some of the questions slowly creeping into our minds these days.

On a daily basis we are running around, driving,  feeding , shopping, answering questions from our spouses, bosses and kids ,trying to beat the clock.Yet do we take a moment to breathe?

Before we know it, we are poorly rested, have bad eating habits , get  sick and our chores falling by the wayside.

I always thought it was very selfish that airline passengers were asked in an emergency to put their own masks first before putting on the oxygen masks on their kids. I mean, as a parent, my first instinct is to always look after my child  and then myself.

Years of not understanding this theory,  made me harassed , tired , irritable and frankly a screeching maniac.

I finally get it.

stop-sign-clipart-zyToMqLiEBe selfish and put your own oxygen mask on. Take the time to look after yourself and you can then successfully look after those around you.

My challenge to you this upcoming holiday season is to put your own oxygen mask first, look after yourself, eat right, be active, go out with a friend, meditate, pray do whatever makes you feel good and calm and in turn you can successfully be a better caregiver to those around you.

Sometimes being selfish is good.

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2 thoughts on “Put Your Own Oxygen Mask First

  1. Well sunny San, I have pondered that theory myself, why put on the mask first and not the children? I mean they should come first, yes? I really do try now to put on that mask first. It helps said children and husband to have me come to a screeching STOP! although, I wish I really did screech. I do however look outside my window at a large and glaring STOP sign, while asking myself to do so.


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