A Community That Lost a Child

This past week, our community lost a 14 year old boy to congestive  heart disease.Undetected until he fell unconscious while on a treadmill in his own home a few hours later clinically dead.

3 weeks ago he was playing the guitar at the school jazz concert, even with a broken wrist he insisted on playing with his group. Soon after, he was on the class trip to Dornay Park laughing  with his friends.

2 weeks ago Isak laughed naughtily at his 8th grade graduation ceremony, his last name begins with A so we all saw him right in the first row. He had smiley cherubic features, he was a good kid who had great taste in music (my teen daughter admits). Everyone loved him  and he obviously made a great impact on his community that  came together in grief.

Yesterday was his wake, his parents bravely stood in line for almost 4 hours in the hot summer heat comforting the hundreds of kids and parents and teachers that openly wept. No matter who knew him or did not know him, this child belonged to our community and the turnout was overwhelming .

How can a parent be ever strong enough to handle a devastation like this? Do you ever prepare for a moment like this?

There is no point in asking why? or blaming God or anyone else , for we never get the answers to this question.We try to go on as best as we can and never let a soul be forgotten.

His organs were donated and his spirit lives on, and he has saved so many lives already.Another bold and selfless decision his family made in the deepest depths of grief.There was meaning to his life in the end and even at the young age of  14 he leaves a huge legacy.

He will never go to high school that he was so excited about, his guitar will never be picked up by him again and we will never know what he would grow up to be.But for this moment we will remember this child, remember the good times and pray for his family to find comfort and peace someday.



2 thoughts on “A Community That Lost a Child

  1. It breaks my heart and makes me happy at the same time to see what a legacy he leaves behind, and to hear of what graceful and kind parents he has. As a parent how do you reconcile yourself with a loss and be brave and selfless – what great examples for the community.


    1. i agree with everything you said MM, it is an uplifting story even though sad. teaches us how to make a positive out of something so devastating.


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