120 Things That Make me Happy

  1. Spring
  2. Sitting in the sun with a good book and a glass of home-made real Lemonade by a pool
  3. Hugging my children.
  4. Walking in a park with my Ipod.
  5. Girls’ night out.
  6. Coffee with a friend.
  7. Opening Birthday and Christmas gifts.
  8. Watching Downton Abbey
  9. Travelling to lesser known parts and getting to know different cultures.
  10. Cards from my kids
  11. A movie marathon
  12. People watching at the airport
  13. Laughing with my co workers when work gets too stressful.
  14. A crispy warm bagel with smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese and scallions.
  15. Projector TV at home.
  16. Lush  Store in the mall
  17. Fresh Basil pesto
  18. Praying
  19. A big Maple tree in the fall
  20. Watching a winter blizzard from the warmth of my home
  21. Dunkin Donuts hazelnut coffee
  22. Sending unexpected  gifts to friends and family
  23. A new baby
  24. Pinterest.com
  25. A reliable car
  26. A book store with comfy couches
  27. The British Royal family
  28. Puppy smell
  29. Thin crust crispy Pizza fresh from the oven.
  30. Cloudy cool days
  31. A good Marguerita made with real lime
  32. A good rain shower and the grass smell after
  33. Olio Santo Olive Oil – makes everything taste better
  34. A picnic by a lake or waterfall
  35. A visit to the Zoo
  36. Waking up before the birds and your family  and watching the sun come up
  37. Old family photographs and videos
  38. Herb gardening at home
  39. Funnel Cake
  40. Using Coal on my face and watch it glow afterward.
  41. The color Lavender
  42. Home made herb butter
  43. Community/ State Fairs
  44. Planting Lavender plants at home and watching purple flowers blossom all summer
  45. Sitting on a Caribbean beach with white sand and Turquoise water
  46. Chocolate Mousse
  47. Hot baths and showers
  48. Internet shopping
  49. Cold Seltzer
  50. Watching birds gathering bits and pieces to make nests
  51. Reality TV that’s not really real
  52. Road trips and stopping at rest stops to eat junk food
  53. Haagen Dazs dulce de leche ice cream bars
  54. Warm Pecan pie
  55. A hot tea – it solves all life’s problems
  56. Loccitane Products
  57. Planting Marigolds and watch them bountiful with flowers even when you do not water them.
  58. Argan Oil for my hair and face
  59. Ladybugs
  60. Pistachios
  61. Tiramisu
  62. Learning a new skill
  63. Manicures that last
  64. Ina Garten and how she taught me to be a better cook
  65. Unexpected packages in the mail
  66. Christmas time ( yes even the annoying Christmas songs on the radio that start playing in November!)
  67. July BBQ’s
  68. Ballads
  69. laughing with friends till you cry ( and sometimes pee!)
  70. Smell of a new car.
  71. Hugging my mom
  72. My Birthday
  73. Octoberfest
  74. Learning something new on the computer  at work
  75. Eggs Benedict
  76. Long phone calls catching up with an old friend
  77. Boring school concerts
  78. Creme Brulee
  79. Fireworks
  80. Great handwriting/old-fashioned handwritten cards
  81. The invention of the smart phone
  82. Cuddling with a loved one
  83. Alpacas
  84. Colorful scarves
  85. Learning to make a new ethnic food and mastering it
  86. Cool Hotel Rooms
  87. Leather handbags
  88. Ralph Lauren bath towels
  89. Universal Studios
  90. Fog that rises from a lake in the mornings
  91. Fleece Pyjamas
  92. Wearing Cashmere on a cold day
  93. Pens that write well
  94. A good time piece
  95. Exploring a quaint town
  96. Bed and Breakfasts with a slightly nutty innkeeper
  97. Niagara falls
  98. Loud pop concerts
  99. New Year’s eve
  100. New York City
  101. Dental floss
  102. Crisp new bed sheets
  103. Cinnabon
  104. A Swiss Chocolate bar
  105. Fine Dining
  106. Monopoly
  107. Finding unexpected cash in my pocket
  108. Polite,helpful and  happy service at a store or restaurant
  109. The first hour after a teeth cleaning
  110. Weddings
  111. Spring cleaning and giving bags to Good Will
  112. When I remember something I had forgotten
  113. Broadway shows
  114. When a roller coaster slowly goes up and the moment before it falls downward
  115. No lines at the grocery
  116. The smell of a library
  117. Good school reports
  118. Flea markets
  119. A repair estimate that is not as bad as i thought
  120. A good dream


Tell me , what are some of your favorites?


4 thoughts on “120 Things That Make me Happy

  1. Ah ah ah! I love the “boring school concerts,” it’s one of my favorite too!
    Many things on my list too. It’s nice to write one time to time, so we can realize all the good and enjoyable things that are happening in our life.
    You made me travel and laugh, two things that are on the top of my list with “Having a good friend!”


  2. Well, right there on my list would be those hugs, cards and giggles from/with my kids, watching them play, catching up for unaccountable hours with my best friend. Lush- I don’t know where I would be without my charcoal scrub, Vanilla De- lite lotion and Sex bomb bath fizz 🙂 The first rain and its cleansing smell – we in California do periodical rain dances because we need it. Traveling to places I know nothing about and trying to learn their language. Standing at the Uffizi in front of Botticelli’s Venus and observing Michelangelo’s David in tears.
    Receiving letters and writing them, books, books and more books with sea salt and almond Dark chocolate. Listening to Sam Shepard or Ed Shearan. Yes to Ina Garten, fleece pajamas, handbags um and shoes too. Oh my list is endless. Such a great post. You made me smile.


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