Does blood become thinner and water become thicker?



Do friends turn into better family?I believe that water will sometimes become thicker than blood.

I think that our chosen close friends do end up being closer than family. Family members come with history and baggage. A lifetime of living together breeds memories both good and bad, the bad being remembered for decades.Forgiveness is not easily given or received, because “oh they are family so no one needs to apologize”.We bring our childhood into adulthood most often and this is why family rivalries will last for years with no resolution.

Family does not get to know the adult you. They think they know you , but once people move away and evolve and get married and have families of their own  parents and siblings do not get to know you all over again.They assume you will stay the same child/sister/brother forever.This is living in denial. When time comes to look after aged parents, siblings have different views and coming to a harmonious decision is sometimes difficult.Holidays become a chore when you have to spend it going back home. How many people can say they go to a big family holiday and no heated argument ensued? Old stories come up, big siblings bully the little siblings and everyone at the table cannot wait to go home!

Family dynamics are too complicated and too dramatic to deal with aren’t they?

Parents will make you feel guilty, for not visiting or calling often or not being in touch or not giving enough funds.No one should make you feel guilty.Your best friends will not judge you , they will only see the good in you and be there as a sounding board and help you through your life.Your family will always have an opinion and you will get unsolicited advice all the time.

Society is such that we are much nicer to our best friends than to our siblings.With friends we are polite, forgiving, kind understanding and friends get the best of us. With friends there is no guilt, no ransom and no feeling of being indebted.

I have friends that are closer to me than some of my family members will ever be, they are in tune with who i have become and know me as i know myself in the present.If there is an argument, unlike family, it will never fester for years. It will be sorted our quickly and apologies made and easy forgiveness given and no mention of it made ever again.How easy is that?



Take the poll and lets see how we feel.






6 thoughts on “Does blood become thinner and water become thicker?

  1. Love you post! So true!
    I have read that at first “blood thicker than water” was said during the civil war. It meant for the soldiers that those who shared blood on the battlefield were more precious than family, the water of the maternal womb. (I don’t know if my sentence makes sense!).



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