The World of Dieting



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Did you stop to think about the many diets that exist in the world? Here are a few that  i learned more about while researching for my post. Let me know if you think of any more.


Edenic – Originally, historians believed that this vegan diet was followed by Adam and Eve in the Bible times

Fruitarian- Eating only fruits.

Flexitarian- Flexible way of eating , vegetables and sometimes meat.

Gluten free – No wheat products.

Halal- Followed by Muslims/Jews  around the world this diet consists of meats slain using religious traditions.

Hallelujah- Plant based food and used for weight loss.

Jain- followed mostly by people in the Indian Subcontinent.No meats, fish non violence to any living human organism.Only filtered water ( no destroying organisms in the water).No root vegetables as root vegetables when pulled up could disrupt organisms in the soil while doing so.

Kosher- Followed by Jews , based on clean and unclean animals and ways of slautering as deemed appropriate by a rabbi according to Jewish law.

Lacto Vegetarianism- Vegetarian diet that includes dairy products.

Kangatarian-Those who eat Kangaroo meat and think it an ethical choice to do so.

Macrobiotic- Grains , vegetables and no processed food.

Mediterranean-Mostly fruit, vegetables, grains , seafood, beans, healthy fats and occasional meats.

Omnivore- Anything and everything!

Paleo- Fruit, vegetable, nuts, lean meats, seafood, healthy fats.

Pescatarian- No meats , but fruit vegetables and seafood.

Paleolithic-based on foods our ancestors would have eaten in the paleolithic era.A period that lasted 2.5 million years .Mostly consist of protein,meat,non starchy vegetables,nuts. No grains ,legumes ,sugar or salt had been discovered and it was mainly hunters and gatherers finding the food.

Vegan-vegetables, no dairy,bee honey cheese, or anything produced by animals

Vegetarian –  Only vegetables and fruits














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