Getting comfortable under the bus


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Most of us are familiar with the term “being thrown under the bus”.

It means when someone intentionally wants to harm your reputation by drawing attention to a mistake you may have made or simply by  falsely blaming you to save their own skin.

I am here to tell you , sadly this happens all the time in the work place , in schools , with friends, peers and in all sorts of social situations. the only solution to this common phenomenon is to be confident in yourself no matter who you are or what has happened.If you have integrity, those around you will come to know who you really are and will also know your work ethic.

If you do happen to make a blunder those around you will be happy to forgive you even if the bus thrower is keen to throw you under the bus.

Bus throwers are usually cowards and weak individuals who are unable to own up to a fault or simply want to make themselves look good.People with low self-esteem or like to be in control usually become bus throwers.they feel good blaming someone or like bringing attention to others faults and some will even delight in getting you in trouble purposefully.

Bus throwers are spotted immediately and are not well liked in society.You will have lots of sympathy by co workers or friends.Being under the bus can make you feel shameful, guilty or sad.

It is best to survive this situation by getting used to this happening to you and getting comfortable under the bus.Turn this situation into a positive for yourself .Laugh at it as laughter truly is a wonderful gift .Make light of, it say things like

“I am going under the bus”, “I see a bus coming”, do i have tire tracks on my back?”. Very soon this situation will cease to bother you.

tell me your story , when was the last time you got thrown under the bus?


5 thoughts on “Getting comfortable under the bus

  1. Such a great post Dimple. Like you say, it is an all too familiar place for many of us. Love how positive and funny you are. “Tire tracks on my back” is my favorite line. I shall use it with glee.


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