Devilled Shrimp

Any Britisher, or Asian will know the term devil when it comes in terms of food.

“Devil ” means to spice it up to send the eater to hell ! in a good way …

This is a recipe that needs no measurements but balances sweet,spicy,and salty – just go by taste when you can’t feel your taste buds anymore it becomes devilled.

Shrimp – deveined with shells on

Olive oil



Salt /pepper /lemon juice

cubanelle hot peppers ( sliced and unseeded – yes I said unseeded!)


Vinegar ( a tablespoon no matter how large or small shrimp quantity)

chilli powder (cayenne pepper powder)

fresh green chillies


Heat oil till hot, add shrimp, when they start to change to a pink hue add  all the other ingredients and stir fry till the whole pot is sizzling and peppers are soft. Keep tasting  for balance of flavors, sweet and sour must not overpower each other.Keep adding chilli powder til you can’t stand the heat.

Now you have a delicious devilled shrimp to eat with hot white rice.or just as a bite with cold beer.





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