Travel tips for a successful and budget friendly vacation or flight.

Getting a great travel deal for airtickets or vacations takes a bit of time and effort. A trip of a lifetime is best planned well so there will be  few surprises on the way. First, pick an affordable destination that you can be sure you will have an adventure and also  learn a new culture. 6-9 months prior your departure date go on popular websites to check airfares and vacation package prices. For vacation packages all inclusive of air and hotel i have had great luck with

Air and hotel purchased together usually is the most cost-effective way of getting a good price.

Check also every major airlines website for specials and sales.Enter a non important email on websites for alerts and specials. Go on or the Google travel site;q=travel

here you can view the map to see how fares can change from day to day.

Once you have an idea of the destination and a few favorite websites start looking at prices daily and if your dates are flexible try different coordinates , you will get an idea how the price of the same vacation or flight can change from day to day depending on which date and month and time you go. There is no science behind it and no airline has claimed why this is, but typically prices are best to buy a vacation or flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. Be ready to make a quick purchase when the price drops. If you see the price not moving then make a decision and purchase midweek.

Cheaper tickets may have longer layovers or late night times and if you can put up with this with this you can get a great deal.  has great air and hotel all-inclusive deals to destinations around the world.


I find the best authority on traveller information to be on

I never make a hotel decision without checking pictures and reviews on the site.I can also ask destination experts for information as well on go on the forums for a wealth of information.

Don’t forget for a local trip last-minute deals can be found on

where you can even bid low on hotels you want.

some other notable sites are

For airline reviews, seat configurations, airplane seat maps (to pick your seats ) safety standards the  following sites are very helpful. Study them well and read all the reviews to make an educated decision.

make a list or spreadsheet of all your additional expenses to figure out your budget.Basic expenses should be, but not limited to.

Airfare,hotel, rental car, airport transfer transport,money for carts at vending machines, airport food, meals on vacation, tips,parking at the airport if you are driving to the airport, taxi fares at destination, gifts, shopping and souvenirs, Airport tax if not included in the ticket. Extra tours.

Leave me a question or comment and enjoy your flight!


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