Religion – Proof of Heaven

Religion – Proof of Heaven , book by Dr. Eben Alexander MD.

Proof of heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander MDThis book has a very unique perspective about near death experience or NDE. Dr. Alexander had a near death experience when he was diagnosed and was in a coma from a rare form of bacterial meningitis
From his view as a neurosurgeon, he is able to understand what happened to him and later study his own brain scans during the time of his NDE.
People have always been curious about NDE , life after death and always wonder if heaven and hell exist.I was brought up to believe that it did.I wonder what it would be like to have a NDE will it be scary? or will it be happy or fearful depending on which way you are going!
Why does God choose some people to have a NDE and show them the glories of heaven? Are they more special than others and is it specially for a purpose to tell all men  on earth that indeed heaven and hell exist.
Most scientist will tell you that the brain is where a persons soul is, the heart is simply the engine that keeps pumping our lives.It is the brain that tells the heart to pump. The heart provides oxygen to the brain, and when that does not happen the brain will die. We think that during this time the NDE’s that people have is just the brains hard wiring or past experiences or feelings that people interpret as NDE.I toyed with this theory too, but after reading this book, the doctor explains that there was no brain activity in that part of the brain that is responsible for these sub conscious past thoughts so what was it then?
A NDE is a second chance at life for people who want to make things right.
So what do you believe in ? Read this book and your thoughts may very well change. It is well written and will  grab your attention from the get go.
check it out


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